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Lazy Gardener U.S.A

Gardening Tools (Stainless Steel with ceramic handle) (For small sized pots)

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We aim to bring style and sustainability to the heart that leaps at the thought of growing, rearing and nourishing plants. And this gardening tool set is an access into exactly that space of beginning afresh with a love-affair with our green friends. 

  • Trowel
    1. Perfect for small to medium sized pots.
    2. Made with pure stainless steel.
    3. Stylish hand painted ceramic handle.
    4. Height 8 in, metal part 3.5 in. 5. Red color is included for the combos.
  • Soil Scoop
    This beautifully handcrafted Soil Scoop is the perfect tool for digging holes or for even transferring soil to your pot or planter. Made of 100% stainless steel, the scoop's shape enables you to pick up a good amount of soil to transfer into the pot without spilling. The ceramic handle is beautifully handcrafted by local artisans which will add that zing to your garden tool kit.
  • Gardening Mat
    1. Available in 2 convenient sizes: 23x23 inches & 32x32 inches and in 2 gorgeous colors - Royal Blue & Bright Green respectively respectively.
    2. Versatile waterproof fabric prevents water from leaking to the ground and avoids soiling the floor.
    3 Easy to carry and clean, foldable and convenient to store after use.
    4. Reusable, washable, sustainable.
    Stainless Steel Gardening Tools With Ceramic Handles
    Soil Scoop and Khurpi Gardening Tool
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